Pressing Forward!

The Lake Union Chapter of ASI held its Spring Fellowship in April in Berrien Springs, MI at the Adventist Frontier Missions Training Center.  AFMTC is a beautiful, new facility set in a peaceful country setting where large windows look out on lush green trees waving gently in the breeze, and a sloping path leads down to a quiet lake. It was the perfect place for a Sabbath rest.

The theme for the weekend, “Pressing Forward!” came to light during the worship hour, as Vicki Griffin, Director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference,  spoke passionately about the need to hold on to our faith no matter what trials we are experiencing. “The greatest terror to a Christian is not death or disease or trials, but loss of faith...The javelins of the enemy are aimed at our faith. Keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus is about growing from trial to trial.  Faith is our GPS.”

The group was also blessed by workshops by Darryl Hosford and Giovanni Leonor and an opening address by Elder Don Livesay.  Marc Coleman shared his missionary experiences as Africa Field Director for Adventist Frontier Missions. Music by Len Sherwood, Spanish Brass and Mignon Waller lifted hearts.

The most talked about event was the trip to the Dominican Republic. Eight years ago, Lake Union ASI had built a church there.  (Two new churches have sprung from that original church!)  In January a reaping series was conducted resulting in 11 baptisms.  An orphanage in the area was in need of significant repairs and ASI came prepared. The work was at times back-breaking but that could only be guessed at from the pictures.  These ASI missionaries spoke of their time there with joy and talked about the blessing they had received.  They couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces.

Amid the inspiring testimonies, the stirring music, and the clear, Biblical teaching, one thing was clear: ASI is all about serving Christ in whatever capacity presents itself.  Hearing the stories of ASI members in action is essentially hearing how God has worked miracle after miracle. There were reports from Adventist Southeast Asia Project, Adventist Frontier Missions, Oak Haven, Adventist World Aviation, and more. The hardships, and difficulties, and loss facing all these missionaries were not dwelt upon, and sometimes not mentioned at all, but you can be sure the devil threw plenty of “javelins” their way. Truly these men and women have “pressed forward” by the grace of God.

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